South Bend man is helping the community by fixing people's bikes

A South Bend man is helping the community by fixing people's bikes. // WSBT 22

He is known as the bike man.

A South Bend man is helping the community by fixing people's bikes.

This guy is making a name for himself as he fixes bikes for as little as $15.

Charles Jenkins fixes bikes and sells used bikes. He does it to bring joy to the people of this community.

People call him bike man.

"I started doing it because I have kids of my own who needed bikes and I had cousins who needed bikes and family," said Jenkins.

His real name is Charles Jenkins, but he lives up to his nick name.

Jenkins fixes and sells bikes out of his garage on Garfield Court in South Bend.

"I found out kids needed bikes in the neighborhood. They didn't really have bikes or two parents to give them a bike or get a new bike. So I started making used bikes from people's parts that they gave me," said Jenkins.

Right now, there are 90 some bikes in his shop either in need of fixing or ready to be sold.

His customers often peak in to the ally to see if he's available.

If the garage is open, Jenkins is ready for business.

"Every small town in this area seems to have a bike co op, but there doesn't seem to be something like that in South Bend. People in the neighborhoods like Mr. Jenkins, we need that," said Shirielle Patterson.

Jolene Coates knows how much he is needed.

After Coates bought a bike from Jenkins last year, it was stolen.

"I came to this expo and here's Charles and he found my bike. He found it in a snowbank and kept it for me. Charles is the hookup," said Coates.

Jenkins is not just famous for his handy work, but also his heart of gold. He enjoys fixing and selling bikes, because of the happiness it brings to others.

"All the kids see me ‘Hey it's the bike man.’ They don't know my name, but its fine,” said Jenkins. "To see the joy in the kid’s face when he leaves riding. He's happy he's going somewhere. He can go on his own that's the biggest joy of all."

He's usually open for business daily from 3:30 to the early evening. Some days from 8 to 5.

He says to come on by and see if his garage is open.

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