South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg receiving donations from across the country

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South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg is gaining national attention.

According to our partners at the South Bend Tribune, his Hitting Home Political Action Committee is receiving thousands of dollars from people around the country.

Buttigieg is known for his unique political style. Some people say he brings a fresh new perspective to South Bend.

"I think he holds the common good of everybody as his center for activity. Not what’s good for Pete, but really what is good for the citizens that he represents," said Joseph Cooper, a Mishawaka resident.

But it's not just local people who are supporting him.

Since he stepped into the national political spotlight with his run for DNC chairman last year, people coast to coast are contributing thousands of dollars to his political action committee.

That has people speculating a future presidential campaign.

"It’s just to build up that bank roll for when he’s ready. But it won’t be for this one. It’s so he will be ready for the next one," said Don McCausland, a South Bend resident.

"I think at some point he would be a wonderful president. I’m not able to judge whether he is ready for that now, but I think at some point he would make an excellent President," said Shaeryl VanHeesbeke, a South Bend resident.

Not everyone thinks Buttigieg is ready to take on that challenge.

"You can’t go from mayor to president. That’s a big change. I can see him running for Congress. I could see him running for governor but not president," said Connie Clauson, a South Bend resident.

According to the South Bend Tribune, donors do not see Buttigieg as a presidential candidate in 2020, but they do think he has a bright future in the Democratic Party. Both as a candidate for elected office and a campaigner.

Buttigieg says he wants his political action committee to focus this fall on helping Democrats running in the nation's heartland.

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