South Bend mom baking special cake to honor daughter she lost

Photo provided.

A South Bend mom who lost her baby daughter four years ago is honoring her birthday in a unique way, and a recent post she made on some local Facebook pages has gone viral in our area.

This mom has a unique talent, and she is using her talent to honor the memory of her baby daughter.

She makes cakes. Beautiful cakes.

For the past few years Dani Gonzalez has been walking into local bakeries on her daughter’s birthday -- March 2nd -- and paying for a stranger's birthday cake. She did it as a secret way to remember her daughter.

This year she wanted to do something different.

Gonzalez has an incredible talent for cake making. It is just a hobby, but now she is offering to do it for a stranger.

“This year I decided I was going to be making the cake,” she told WSBT 22.

She made a post on Facebook, offering to make a cake for free for a child whose birthday is on March 2.

“It got 66 likes, 72 comments...but that is only from this page the garage sales ones have more.”

She shared the post on some local garage sale Facebook pages and it has taken off.

This experience has been a healing one for Gonzalez, and a way to make sure her daughter’s life -- though too short -- is never forgotten.

“It is really hard, but I really feel happy someone else is going to be able celebrate it with me.”

She will pick the winner on February 24. The winner will get whatever kind of cake they want.

Her daughter would be 5 this year.

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