South Bend Police ask community to join together against crime

Local police are trying to find ways to connect with the community.

Thursday night they talked about neighborhood crime.

Once a month the South Bend Police Department invites the community to join officers as they talk about crime in their community.

"Police are the public. The public are the police. That's the way it is, and for them to be able to come into our house here at the station and sit down with us and have us present this and go over what's happening I think it's going to show them we are genuinely concerned about what's happening in their neighborhood," said Crime Prevention Lieutenant, Patrick Hechlinkski.

Community Activist, Charlotte Pfeiefer, says she's seen the South Bend Police make an effort with the community for the last 30 years. It's because of their dedication, Pfeifer believes we haven't seen shootings like the ones in Louisiana and Minneapolis.

"A lot of people in this community have worked hard trying to teach especially black males if you get pulled over by a police officer appropriate protocol. We've worked to try and keep our children out of trouble," said Pfeifer. "And I think the police department has been doing their part."

Pfeifer isn't the only one that sees the benefits of good relationships among the police and the community.

"We need to get together and talk because we don't talk enough. There is silence. I think silence is our greatest enemy. I think that helps the community feel a little bit more at ease what the police are doing," said activist, Vergeous Gillam.

Thursday's meeting with the South Bend police saw no one from the African American community, but they encourage everyone in the city to take part in the meetings.

They're the first Thursday night of every month.

They also have a Citizens Police Academy coming up where the community can see firsthand how the police train to keep our community safe.

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