South Bend Salvation Army says more people motivated to make a difference

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People are often encouraged to help others during the holiday season. The Salvation Army in South Bend says this year more people are donating their time.

More than 250 have signed up to volunteer in some way.

Some years it's tough to get even close to that many. But this year the Salvation Army Kroc Center says people are motivated to make a difference.

Whether it's ringing the bell for the red kettle, or helping box up gift, the goal for these volunteers is to help.

Wanda Dudley with the Kroc Center says even more people are getting into that helpful mindset.

“We have had an increase in bell ringers that have volunteered to help us out and we have also see an increase in the number of volunteers that are helping us just get ready for Christmas in general.”

Dudley says she's not surprised to see the community step up but is encouraged to see the number of volunteers go up. But it's not just people, but companies shifting their focus to helping others.

So many of us are blessed and then we see those that aren’t as blessed as we are. So I think there is a growing trend just to give back whether it’s corporations, small groups, churches

For the past two years Jeffery Rowe and his coworkers from Umbaugh Accounting have been doing their part.

"Our line of business is we work with local communities and so we are from here, we are invested In the local community. It just feels great to help out our fellow neighbors,” said Rowe.

He says they look forward to this chance.

“They enjoy it every year. Just gives us the opportunity to give back and be a part of our local community.”

Dudley says most people are one instance or crisis away from being in a tough situation. She believes corporations understand that need and it's part of why they are willing to give back.

“I think it’s really encouraging pushing people to say hey what can we do to give back? What can we do to share?”

Dudley says the way the economy has been growing has probably helped people feel more secure and willing to donate or volunteer.

She says there is still time for people to spend some of their time giving back.

You can contact the Salvation Army to find out how:

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