South Bend School Corporation proposes bond to improve security and technology

South Bend School Corporation proposes bond to improve security and technology. //WSBT 22 Photo

The threat of school shootings is causing districts across our area to improve security.

The South Bend School Corporation is the latest to look into making major upgrades.

Like many other school districts, South Bend is turning to a different source of funding.

The school board approved a preliminary bond resolution Monday.

If passed, it will give the district $5 million to put towards security and technology upgrades.

The chief financial officer told the board this bond is in preparation for 2020. That's when changes to taxes at the state level will cause the district to lose up to $10 million in funding.

Investing in technology now could help the district save money.

The money would also go towards upgrades in security.

The need for the changes was discovered during the Focus 2018 discovery process.

"We need secure entrances for our buildings. We need security camera updates. We also need some fire alarm systems and our energy management system is going end of life. Not just replacing some detectors, but replacing the entire brain of it is costly. We need this funding right now to be able to do that,” said Katherine Turk, chief financial officer for South Bend schools.

The bond is low enough that it will not be voted on by taxpayers.

The board will decide.

The CFO says taxpayers shouldn't notice a different in their taxes.

There is a public hearing on the bond scheduled for June 4.

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