South Bend shooting death ruled a justifiable homicide

Police on the scene on fatal shooting on West Dubail Street. // WSBT 22 Photo

Investigators are now saying no criminal charges will be filed against the person who shot and killed a teen in South Bend.

The shooting happened Tuesday on Pulaski Street, on South Bend's southwest side.

The St. Joseph County Prosecutor's Office says the man who was killed, 18-year-old Lamar Foster, had a history of domestic violence with the person who shot and killed him. The prosecutor's office says Foster was the perpetrator of that violence.

The prosecutor's office says Foster entered the home on Pulaski Street through a window and battered the person he had a history of domestic violence with and held a gun to the head of that person. Other people were in the home at the time.

Foster eventually set the gun down and left. According to the county prosecutor's office, the person who was threatened took that gun and went to sit in their car.

Witnesses told investigators Foster returned to the home later in the day and attacked that same person in their car. They fired from within the vehicle, hitting Foster in the chest. The shooter told police they fired because they feared for their life.

An autopsy conducted on the 23rd determined Foster died from a single gunshot wound to the chest.

Investigators say the shooter was in imminent fear of death, which is why no charges will be filed.

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