South Bend the first municipality to adopt a sexual harassment related ordinance


It was a unanimous vote.

It's one that makes South Bend the first municipality in the state to update a law related to work place etiquette.

Workers will get training on sexual harassment.

The state passed a similar law back in March.

It requires all state employees to take sexual harassment awareness and prevention training.

South Bend city leaders decided to do the same.

The Common Council's policy will require all city employees, elected and appointed officials to take a two-hour training each year.

The ordinance will also make it easier for victims to report allegations.

The public will also have access to making sure their public officials are up to date on their yearly training.

The sponsor of the ordinance, council member Oliver Davis says, the city didn't have any code that encouraged or required the training.

"Things that may have been appropriate five to 10 years ago with terms of interpersonal relationships have changed now and so let us stay up to date with our work when it comes down to what we do in person. What we do in social media. How we gather together as employees outside of the work place. All those issues that we have to look at to make sure that we are all continually up to date,” said Oliver Davis.

The ordinance goes into effect in January.

New employees will have 90 days from being hired to complete the training.

Current employees will have 30 days.

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