St. Joseph Co. crews work overnight to prepare roads for morning traffic

St. Joseph Co. crews to work overnight to prepare roads for morning traffic. // WSBT 22

St. Joseph County is digging out in preparation for Wednesday’s morning's traffic.

As the lake effect bands move out of the area, officials were working Tuesday night to improve road conditions for Wednesday.

Crews will be working through the night Tuesday as the temperatures drop to the teens.

Most of the hard-packed snow on the road Tuesday will make the Wednesday morning commute a little more difficult.

Snow totals vary through the county.

Downtown South Bend is preparing for Wednesday by sending out downtown South Bend ambassadors to clear walk-ways and ends of sidewalks.

They're also plowing and salting parking lots and garages in anticipation for Wednesday morning.

Another crew who will be working around the clock is Mishawaka's street department.

They have crews working from 7 p.m. Tuesday until 7 a.m. Wednesday to remove as much snow as possible.

The northern side of Mishawaka, close to Granger saw more snowfall than the southern portion and areas along Douglas road and further north still have snow cover on them.

With a large task at hand for the Mishawaka plows, it could have an impact on your morning commute.

As of 10 p.m. Tuesday on State Road 23, the roadway has been cleared out pretty well.

Cars have been driving at normal speed through the area, with no problems at all.

In fact, salt trucks are going by to make sure this roadway is clear for Wednesday.

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