St. Joseph County's 911 center honors dispatcher for remarkable work

St. Joseph County 911 dispatcher awarded for remarkable work. // WSBT 22

A 911 dispatcher is being honored Wednesday for her heroic efforts.

Tammy Ludwig received a call from a retired veteran who was trying to kill himself. due to his PTSD.

She made a judgment call, that police needed to check on him.

That decision ended up saving his life.

Wednesday she was recognized for that. Ludwig was completely surprised.

She thought she was attending the dispatch centers end of the year party. She never expected the praise for what she says is something that comes with the job.

Wednesday had all the makings for the perfect holiday party. Good food, a raffle and of course dessert. Employees at the St. Joseph County dispatch center got a much needed break.

“It's amazing because most of the dispatchers here will be working 12 hours all over Christmas and the holidays,” said Diana Scott, operations manager.

But Wednesday wasn't just about celebrating the season, it was also about honoring a woman who saved a life.

“She took a very, very serious call and used her training and instinct to save a life of a local veteran,” said Jim McKinnies, home for heroes representative.

Ludwig was honored by Homes for Heroes with the "Hero Award" for saving a veteran’s life.

Police did a welfare check on him and saw that he was alright. When he called again, Ludwig knew the police had to go back.

“So we went and checked on him again and sure enough, he was in the process of a different method,” said Ludwig.

“When I read the nomination, there was some discretion that she could have taken. She could have chose not to take action and saw that there was no reason to take action, but from her experience she seen that this particular veteran was reaching out and needed help,” said McKinnies.

Wednesday wasn't just about Ludwig, but the work that the entire team does, usually with little to no thanks.

“Nobody does this job as stressful as it is, unless they have a calling,” said Scott.

That is what Ludwig did. She answered the call, which is what most of these hardworking men and women will be doing all year long.

“It means everything to me, family is everything. These people are my family, the responders are our family,” said Ludwig.

The dinner was donated by Olive Garden.

The dispatch team says even if they have to enjoy the party in shifts, they're just grateful to be together.

As for Ludwig, she received a plaque and some holiday spending money.

An awesome award for an amazing woman.

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