St. Joseph County hopes to attract more businesses for leaf pickup


St. Joseph County is hoping to attract more businesses to help with leaf pickup.

County Commissioners met Tuesday to talk about how to make that happen.

The county's 5-year contract with Green World is up this spring.

Commissioners have decided to open up the bidding process, but last time Green World was the only company interested.

This time around the county is considering having several smaller companies tackle the county by township.

But it's a balance of attracting businesses without losing quality.

"There's a certain amount of accountability that people need to have and firms need to have. They need to have a certain level of technology and sophistication, but we don't want to make it so onerous that the smaller entities aren't available to participate. It's kind of a fine balance for us,” said Kostielney.

The county is planning on having its request for proposals ready by its February 27 meeting.

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