Starke County police arrest 2 suspects in armed robbery at Marathon gas station

Photo provided

UPDATE: Police say two suspects were arrested Tuesday night in connection with the Marathon armed robbery. WSBT 22 will continue to bring you updates as they come in.

Starke County Sheriff's Department responded to an armed robbery at the Marathon gas station in Koontz Lake Monday night.

They say the suspects fired three rounds into the gas station.

Officers say several men entered the building wearing bullet-proof vests, armed with weapons, and robbed the store at gunpoint.

Along with Starke County officers, officers from Knox, Hamlet, Walkerton, Marshall County, and Indiana DNR assisted in sweeping the area with K9s, searching for the suspects.

They say the dogs found cash and latex gloves left behind to the east of the gas station.

If you know anything about this, you're urged to call police at 574-772-3771.

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