Stevensville elementary students showing gratitude, giving and kindness

A simple kind gesture can go a long way. Students at Roosevelt Elementary in Stevensville are not only learning that lesson, but they’re also putting it into action.

Students there have been performing good deeds all month, by way of hundreds of different tasks.

As they pay it forward they are also raising thousands of dollars for their school.

Although the challenge is winding down, students at Roosevelt Elementary are eager to continue their habits of kindness into the future.

Roosevelt Elementary is a Choose Love school. The equation behind it: Courage, Gratitude, Compassion and Forgiveness.

“We really believe but the most important work that we’re doing with children is giving them tools and skills and strategies that they will need to be good people and to understand others and to build relationships,” said Kristen Pennington, Roosevelt Elementary principal.

Pennington says this month’s kindness “Raise Craze” challenge is a natural extension of what students & teachers there practice every day.

“The kindness didn’t seem that different from normal.”

But different from the rest of the year, this month students can actually see the effects of being nice growing before their eyes. A Tree of Kindness is filled with about 750 leaves – each one a symbol of one act of kindness.

Gabi Mukuno, fourth-grader: “I wrote a letter and I took it to the firefighters.”

Frazier Bosch, fourth-grader: “I donated all of my Halloween candy to the troops.”

Jaxon Nicholson, fifth-grader: “I sent a letter to the military.”

Sophia Russell, fifth-Grader: “I hid rocks around the neighborhood with special notes on them and I donated toys to Goodwill, and clothes.”

Fourth-grader Kacee Perez says being kind can make people feel special and help stop bullying.

“Because it could lead on to the bully and they will see they have wrong ways.”

Susannah Bosch is the school’s PTO president. Choosing this fundraiser through acts of kindness was a no brainer.

“It’s just made everybody feel good and in this climate and environment you know having activities like this really make a difference,” she said.

“I think if you if you be kind it will make a better world,” said Tessa Kuhn, fifth-grader:

“I’m so proud. It’s just such a wonderful thing to have and to witness – to see kids growing and serving others,” said Pennington.

There's a big assembly where the kids will learn how much they’ve raised this afternoon. If they surpass their $6,000 goal, Principal Pennington will be slimed.

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