Studebaker Lofts opening in downtown South Bend

South Bend is seeing more people move downtown and more apartments are opening up.

People got to see the Studebaker Lofts Tuesday. These luxury apartments are located in the old JMS building.

The owners hosted an open house for Bradley employees before opening it to the public.

When searching for an apartment, Madison Grant was looking for a good price, a view and a lively neighborhood.

"I wanted to live in a place where there was a lot going on and a lot to be involved with. And where there was going to be a lot of people around. And also to be in a location where there is a lot of convenience for me to go do things,” said Grant.

Grant chose the Studebaker Lofts located in the old JMS building. She says the apartments combine old and new.

"I love the history behind it. Studebaker is really ingrained in South Bend so I think it's really awesome that I'm living in a place that's so historic."

Bradley Company owns the building. Regional Property Manager, Brooke Davis, says it's exciting to see the project come together.

"It feels great. It's been amazing to see the amount of interest and prospects. People living in the area, people coming from out-of-state are really impressed with the changes in downtown South Bend,” said Davis.

One to three bedrooms cost anywhere from $800 to $2,600 a month.

"We have 10 occupied apartments now. There are a total of 46 and we are more than half-way leased,” said Davis.

Grant says you can tell that downtown South Bend is changing for the better.

“I mean when I was growing up here I could never have imagined that downtown South Bend was going to be what it is now. I think in the last few years they've done a lot for it. So I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens in the future and how it will keep growing,” Grant said.

The official opening of the leasing center will be on April 20.

Studebaker Lofts plan to host an open house for the public.

If you would like more information on these units visit HERE.

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