Committee leaders work to bridge a gap with future Elkhart high school

Community can submit name ideas for future Elkhart high school. // WSBT 22 photo

Finding the new identity for the future Elkhart high school.

That's what a local committee started working on Thursday.

The decision was made last year to join Elkhart Central and Elkhart Memorial.

These two schools have been separate since the 1970s. Now they're coming back together as one by 2021.

But before that happens, the school must have a name.

People from around the Elkhart community gathered at the Tolsen Center Thursday to share their opinions on what characteristics the new Elkhart high school should have.

"Talk about how we're going to proceed with the deciding of names of the school mascot, colors and one other,” said James Riechoff, chairman of the Ad Hoc Naming Committee.

Riechoff is the chairman of a 30-person committee that will be heading the changes.

It's made up of people throughout the community who are somehow connected to the schools.

Riechoff says when all the suggestions are in, they will dwindle down the number.

Students in grades K-12 can vote on their favorite choices.

"When the votes are tallied then we will submit our recommendation to the school board. We are targeting that for the first week in June,” said Riechoff.

Dave Hicks has been a teacher at Elkhart Central for the past 16 years. He says students seem pretty excited about voting on the four topics.

"The kids that we have right now at school to be honest with you, they're going to be out before all of this happens so they're kind of idea of it is not quite as a what it will be with the younger kids,” said Hicks.

Hicks says he's already submitted his ideas online.

Even though there has been opposition to this merger, Hicks believes it will be great for the community.

"I thought you know looking at the thing financially there is a lot of pull going two different ways. Where now you're going to be able to pull all of that together and I think it's going to bring the community back to what a lot of people told me what it was like beforehand,” said Hicks.

There will be two other meetings for the community.

The last day to submit ideas is March 16.

You can submit as many ideas as you want.

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