Suspect in South Bend double murder: 'I did the crime. I did crazy things'


New information has been released regarding a double murderSundaynight in South Bend. Two people are dead, but police say it could have been worse.

Roy Lee Walker is charged with two counts of murder, one count of attempted murder, and residential entry.

According to court documents, Walker shot and killed two adults, 46-year-old Robert Duke and 43-year-old Michelle Blankenship, in separate apartments just after 7 last night at 202 East Calvert Street.

Police say it appears that Walker knew both of his victims well.

"This is not a random act, these are people that were familiar with each other," said Commander Tim Corbett with Metro Homicide. "I don't want to leave any impression that there's a random killer running around out there, that's not the case."

The documents show a neighbor heard a loud argument when he went to check it out and told police Walker pointed a gun at his face, pulled the trigger, but the gun did not fire.

The neighbor then ran to a separate room.

Police say Walker forced his hand through the door, fired several more shots, but did not hit the man.

Another fight took place in the building when a father and his three children heard a loud crash.

The father opened the door to investigate, and says he saw Walker naked with a screwdriver.

Walker yelled "I'ma shoot you too," according to the documents.

Fortunately, the father and his three children were not hurt.

Eventually, Walker drove off -- hitting several parked cars.

Police found him after a 911 call about a man asking for help on Fellows Street.

"We have talked to several witnesses; we're comfortable with where we are at," said Metro Homicide Commander Tim Corbett. "This has pretty much been a hand-in-hand investigation, not only with the Prosecutor's Office but also with the SBPD. So it has been a cohesive effort by everybody. An apprehension was made between an hour, hour and a half after the crime."

Police say when they found Walker he also had a rope tied around his neck and was yelling that the officer better arrest him or he was going to run.

He was taken into custody and transported to Memorial Hospital.

According to the probable cause documents he told officers, "I did the crime. I did crazy things. I am ready to go, so take me. I just want some peace."

Hung Le lives in the apartment complex where it all happened, and is still coming to grasps with it all.

"I knew this is a tough neighborhood, but I never expect someone to be killed, to be murdered," said Le.

Le says he feels safe in his apartment but is sad that some of his neighbors were murdered.

"I had trouble sleeping, because I was a little scared, and also because the officers were working."

Chief Ron Teachman says two officers were hurt while responding the call. One Sergeant sliced his hand on a SWAT tool while entering a doorway, which required 5 stitches.

The other officer, a Lieutenant, slipped on a stairway or entry while trying to assist in the medical attention of one of the victims. Chief Teachman fears he may require surgery for his leg.

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