Swanson Pool re-opening

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Water is pumping... filling not just Swanson pool but the hopes new board members have for the future. Opening day is marked on their calendar. Vice President Stacy Montague says it's been a long time coming.

"Everybody on the board has some kind of personal tie into the pool and we want to see the pool succeed and grow and move on from this point," said Montague.

President Suzanne Dunne says it's taken a lot of work. Last summer the pool was forced to close unexpectedly when it couldn't pay its bills. The former treasurer and a board member stepped down after questions were raised about where membership money was spent. Current board members say about $120,000 was in question. Dunne says fundraisers and community donations have them back on track financially. She was shocked by the amount of support.

"I was actually struck by how much other people in the community really reached out and wanted to make the pool come back," said Dunne.

A new diving board is in place and plumbing and electrical repairs were made. Dunne says the new board members are committed to being transparent -- and making sure last year never happens again.

"Now all the board members have access to look at our bank statements," said Dunne.

Dunne was initially concerned they might not get the 210 members they need to break even.

"We're pretty confident that those members will come back once they see that we are here and we're functioning. It's a safe fun place to be," said Dunne.

Both Dunne and Montague say regaining credibility will be tough. But they say they're ready to prove to the community that Swanson Pool will remain strong for years to come.

"Like I said, a lot of time and effort into this. You know we hope everybody will trust us again to come back to the pool," said Montague.

Police are still investigating where the money went.

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