'We took our own drum line and gave it a new name:' Elkhart's Blaze Line inspires students

These Elkhart student drummers are blazin'! // WSBT 22 Photo

Some students at Elkhart Central High School are part of a unique musical program taking performance to another level.

It's known as the Blaze Line-- where they're not only playing instruments, but also moving and entertaining in a high energy performance.

The group is inspiring students to get involved in music.

The Blaze Line has a lot of moving parts, all involving playing a variety of percussion instruments.

Until recently, they played serious concert music, percussion with strict marching.

Sean Cook, who was appointed Percussion Director last year, decided to change it up and add a little spark to performances.

“When I came in, the students sort of had this lost feeling of who they were and I really wanted to give them a sense of identity, give them something that they can attach to for the rest of high school. So we took our own drum line and gave it a new name,” said Cook.

The Blaze Line has upped its effort, doing a variety of things such as they did this morning at a performance at Bristol Elementary.

Cook says the Blaze Line, in part, was set up to get some of the students to come out of their shell.

“With the blaze line, one of the things that we're really big about is being over the top and really, really, seizing the moment to be somebody else,” said Cook.

He says two years ago when they came up with the idea for the program, there were not many takers. After the second year, they were overwhelmed with students who wanted to be a part of it in some way shape or form.

“I really enjoy, just getting to entertain people and show them what we are a part of,” said junior Madelyn Lapp. “It’s really fun to see the kids’ reaction and parents’ reactions. They have never seen this before. I just like really inspiring.”

“Honestly, the Blaze Line has just become a really big family,” said junior Tyler Smith. “I mean we are at school, like all of the time, so we see them more than we see our actual families a lot of the time. So there's just a really strong bond between all of us.”

The Blaze Line performs all year long at schools and sporting events in Elkhart Community Schools.

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