Thieves steal from former Goshen police chief's grave

Former Police Chief Wade Branson's grave // WSBT 22 photo

A Goshen family’s mourning has been disrupted. Someone stole a large badge off former police chief Wade Branson's grave in West Goshen Cemetery.

The Branson family isn't alone in grieving the loss of Branson, who died from cancer last month.

There were people there Friday collecting money for the Wade K. Branson Scholarship Fund.

Even cars at the Goshen Cruisin’ Reunion are a nod to Branson — he played a big role in bringing the event to town.

Everyone WSBT 22 spoke with says the late chief does not deserve to have his resting place disturbed.

“He’s the guy who would give you the shirt off his back,” said Councilman Doug Nisley (R) 2nd District. “I mean he would do something to help you before he would help himself.

“Easy to talk to and he could get things done,” said Councilman Jim McKee (R) 1st District.

Laid- back. Level headed. A good cop and a good Chief. These are just some of the ways people have described Wade Branson.

And yet someone stole from his grave.

“It’s just unconscionable,” said McKee. “It’s kind of almost beyond belief that somebody would do that. I mean, no man is without enemies but nevertheless it’s just way, way out of bounds. Especially from a city leader As Wade was, with the respect that he has from the city itself and that somebody would do that.”

Nisley and McKee told WSBT 22 Branson’s family just wants the badge back — no questions asked.

“I’m sure that there are people that know because if somebody took it they have to share with somebody, so I’m very hopeful that will get it back,” said McKee.

If the badge isn’t returned in the next few days, McKee wants to start a fund to replace it.

“I think we could easily raise $500-$1000 and if that’s the route that we’re going to go, if Whoever stole it kind of puts us in that position, I’m all in favor. I’ll be the first one to donate.”

Nisley wouldn’t mind seeing more action than that.

“I know the family said no questions asked but I believe if they’re caught they should be prosecuted to the extent of the law.”

Goshen Police officers are investigating the missing badge.

Unfortunately, no one with the department was able to comment.

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