This Starke Co. primate sanctuary gives research monkeys a happy retirement

Peaceable Primate Sanctuary in Starke County // WSBT 22 photo

Right now there are more than 30 monkeys living in Starke County. They are at the Peaceable Primate Sanctuary.

The 80-acre sanctuary has been open for 2 years, and it is growing.

This weekend you can see it for yourself.

The majority of the primates there come from research facilities. The monkeys have lived their entire lives in captivity and cannot be released into the wild.

The sanctuary offers them a better life after retirement.

“I think they do have a good time here,” said Scott Kubisch, who runs the Peaceable Primate Sanctuary. “They get to play in the grass. And sit in the rain. Chase their friends and play and eat bugs and worms all the things monkeys should be doing.”

Right now there are 18 baboons living there. They are housed inside in a series of cages and they have access to a large outdoor space.

The sanctuary just opened its doors to 13 macaques.

This sanctuary was a longtime dream for Kubisch, who had worked as a zookeeper for decades and saw a need.

“It makes me happy just to see the primates living the way they are supposed to. That is what give me the most joy.”

The animals seem to enjoy their new lives.

They will live out the rest of their days there, and it’s Kubisch’s mission to make sure they are all happy.

The sanctuary is opening its doors to the public this Sunday from 11 to 4 Central time.

It is $10 dollars per adult. Kids get in free. You can get more information here:

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