Thousands hit the streets for Women's March in South Bend

Millions of women across the world and in Michiana are gathering in solidarity today, one day after Donald Trump's inauguration.

The demonstrations started this morning in the nation's capitol and have been ongoing all day. And protesters are gathered in other major cities across the country, including a massive rally in Chicago

A march took place locally in South Bend.

The event was inspired by the Women's March on Washington. Demonstrators came together in solidarity and to protect women's rights.

A crowd that some estimate in the thousands gathered in front of the Morris Performing Arts Center.

This is one of hundreds of other rallies taking place in cities all across the country to allow women who couldn't make it to Washington an opportunity to demonstrate.

It wasn't just women who came, men and children marched as well.

Even South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg made an appearance.

He says he is proud of the turnout and of his city.

Some of the protesters tell me that although they can't change who our president is, they hope marches like this show Trump that they are here and their voices matter.

"We need to keep the government reminded that they're supposed to serve us. They're not supposed to serve the Republican Party or a small group of people," said demonstrator Holly Hetfield. "The majority of the country did not want him as president. We can't change that, but we can keep it front and center that he knows that we are watching him."

The actual march itself in South Bend was relatively short. It went from the Morris throughout downtown South Bend.

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