Three Rivers school holds special graduation so dying grandfather can attend

Photo courtesy: WWMT

A dying grandfather will get to see his granddaughter graduate.

It's all thanks to the teachers and administrators at Three Rivers High School who came together to help grant his last wish.

Shania Shirk's grandfather is suffering from stage-4 cancer and is unable to leave his home.

The 17-year-old and Three Rivers High School put together a special version of graduation.

Balk included Shirks' teachers asking them for kind comments to read in front of her grandfather for his special at-home ceremony.

“It's one of the things he wanted so i just wanted to make it happen,” said Shania shirk three rivers high school student

“I was more nervous for this than I am for the ceremony in June where there's thousands of people just because I know it's so important to the family,” said Carrie Balk, Three Rivers High School principal.

Shirk says she is ready to finish high school and walk across the stage for real this June.

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