Tim Corbett's campaign ends their petition for recount in St. Joseph County sheriff race

Tim Corbett's campaign announced Tuesday that it asked the court to suspend the recount in the Democratic race for St. Joseph County sheriff. // WSBT 22

Six weeks after the May primary, we finally know who the Democratic nominee is in the St. Joseph County sheriff's race.

County Metro Homicide Commander Tim Corbett ended his recount bid Tuesday.

Bill Redman is unofficially the winner.

This recount has been a tiring process.

They started with 16 votes separating Redman and Corbett on election night.

After the commission recounted just absentees, Redman's lead went down to 14.

But Monday 38 out of 220 precincts of general walk in votes from election day were counted and Redman's lead went back to 16.

Tuesday Corbett had to decide if he wanted to recount the remaining precincts.

"We are confident that if the process were to continue, while there could be some changes, we don't believe that those changes would be substantial enough to change the outcome of the election. In the Corbett campaign and Tim Corbett have determined that they will move to dismiss the recount petition and acknowledge that they lost," said Richard Hill, Corbett's attorney.

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