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Tiny Home Village for Veterans planned in Mishawaka

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WSBT 22 photo
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A group of local vets is working to raise money to build a village of tiny homes for homeless veterans. Mishawaka Troop Town will be located on Jefferson in Mishawaka, next to the VFW Post 360.

The land for the project is already under contract and now the group just needs money to make it happen.

There are big plans for the small piece of property.

“It is roughly about an acre and a half that we will try to fit this project into,” says Dan Gann, a cofounder of Mishawaka Troop Town.

The land will become a tiny home community for homeless veterans.

“In St. Joseph County, three months ago, when we did a study, there was 36 veterans without a home,” says Jim Metherd, another cofounder of the project.

Metherd served during Desert Storm. Dan Gann and board member, Warren Seegers are also veterans. They are just a few of the people working to make Mishawaka Troop Town a reality.

“Those are stresses that every veteran goes through. Some are able to cope with those and some are not and those are the people that are homeless and we are trying to help,” says Seegers.

Right now, the organization is under contract with the landowner while the group works to raise money. They hope to raise about $180,000 before the end of the year.

Eventually, there will be seven tiny homes built there – about 500 square feet each.

“It will be set up to a U-pattern. We want them to feel like this is their community,” says Gann.

The group wants to offer support, education and comradery to the future residents.

Walkways and a gathering space will be lined with personalized bricks. That’s one way the group is working to raise money.

“So when you purchase that brick, it is going to be a part of this subdivision,” says Metherd.

The goal is to break ground by next spring. With help from the community and businesses, the tiny homes could soon make a big difference to veterans in need.

“I know the issues, I have gone through being a veteran and I was able to cope through it but it was tough at times,” says Seegers. “The biggest downfall we have in the military is we are always trained to suck it up and drive on. We don’t generally ask for help a lot and sometimes we need the help and we don’t’ even realize it.”

But these veterans are asking for help now so they can help others.

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“Let’s altogether take care of homelessness in St. Joseph County,” says Metherd.

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