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Senate Race

It's been called one of the nastiest races this primary. Today the candidates for an Indiana Senate seat in a nationally-watched race learned their fate.

Mike Braun has won the Republican primary against Todd Rokita and Luke Messer

Republicans and President Trump see a window to pick up a Senate seat and expand their slim majority.

Today all three candidates were in central Indiana making one last push for votes by stopping at polling places, making phone calls and hitting social media.

Congressman Messer even tweeted out a photo of a cute "new member of their family," a small fluffy white dog campaigning with he and his family.

So they were using every tool they have.

There is a lot at stake in this race, which is why the candidates have spent so much money.

Braun has spent an estimated $6 million, most of it his own money.

That's about what Messer and Rokita are estimated to have spent together.

Braun will go up against Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly and will visit his backyard when President Trump and Vice President Pence make a campaign rally stop in Elkhart on Thursday.

WSBT 22's Todd Connor is in Indianapolis covering that race, so stay with WSBT 22 online and on the air for updates.

2nd District Race Preview

Mel Hall has won the Democratic primary for Indiana's 2nd Congressional District. He was in the race against five other Democrats who were looking for the right to face Republican incumbent Jackie Walorski this fall.

Hall is the former CEO of Press Ganey.

One Republican, Mark Summe, challenged Walorski today. He is a doctoral candidate at Notre Dame in the department of Chemical Biomolecular Engineering. But he has not spoken publicly about his goals for his campaign.

Walorski did not seem to be concerned about her contest with Summe today. She handily won her primary.

Representative Walorski wasn’t even in Indiana today, but in session in Washington D.C.

Walorski has held her seat since 2012, representing the South Bend/Elkhart area and down toward Rochester, Peru and Wabash.

She says her focus is on rolling back regulations, fighting for the local manufacturing economy and supporting veterans.

Hall says he will work to boost wages and job growth, as well as expand access to healthcare.

He was fired up and on message as he declared victory Tuesday night.

At times he became emotional, but mostly he was fired up and so was the crowd. He reminded them he won all ten counties of the district in this primary and he says he is ready to compete against Jackie Walorski in all ten counties in November.

Hall says he believes his data-driven campaign played a key part in his win and no doubt that strategy will continue into November.

St. Joseph County Sheriff Race

There was a lot of competition to be the new St. Joseph County sheriff. The poll results were neck-and-neck, and it appears St. Joseph County Lieutenant Bill Redman narrowly won out in the end.

However, candidate Tim Corbett has not conceded. With 100 percent of precincts reporting he was just 18 votes behind Redman.

Most people would expect that this race could end with a recount.

Those numbers are very close.

This race is a perfect example that every vote matters.

Some say this race is too close for comfort.

But the st Joseph county clerk says there's no law in Indiana that automatically calls for a recount if the race is this close.

A party or candidate has to push for that.

Corbett says it's not over for him and he won't give up this easy.

Redman told WSBT he's prepared for a recount if that's what needs to happen, but he is going to start preparing for the fall election.

"We are always looking in advance to figure out what we are going to do next and it's just going to be to continue to work hard, spread our message to the community, let the people know what we are about and how we are going to make this a safer stronger community, and that's what we are going to continue to do," said Redman.

Lt. Redman says he's overwhelmed by the amount of support that he has received.

He says his efforts were grass roots.

And he was surrounded by his family and friends the entire time.

He says he's the youngest candidate and to have over 9,000 votes of confidence towards him shows that people believed in his campaign.

"It's a huge message to say that I am the right person to go move the department forward," Redman said. "I've got a lot of great ideas for the community and our children to make sure that we continue to make good choices for our young people and keeping our community safe."

District 11

Linda Rogers wins out over long-time incumbent Joe Zakas in Indiana Senate District 11 Republican primary.

Elkhart County

One of the races we’ve been watching in Elkhart County is between two Republicans.

Current Elkhart County Prosecutor Vicki Becker won out against challenger Marty McCloskey in the county prosecutor's race.

Becker was doing some last-minute campaigning today. She was out making the rounds, talking to constituents and addressing concerns.

Granger Community Church in Elkhart saw a steady stream of voters walking through the doors.

Before meeting with WSBT at that location, Becker started her day early at 6 a.m. in New Paris before visiting Goshen and Middlebury.

Indiana Attorney Curtis Hill was spotted at the church before our cameras got there. Becker replaced him after a caucus in 2016.

This is the first time she has had to campaign for the office.

“It's very time consuming, there's no doubt about it,” said Becker. “I enjoy meeting people, I enjoy talking, especially in small groups at community activities, and especially in the neighborhood areas. Of course, I'm just ready to get back to work, I'll be honest about that. We'll be very pleased when this day is concluded and hopefully we'll be moving forward and doing what we've been doing."

WSBT 22 reached out to Becker's opponent, former police officer and Elkhart County Commissioner Martin McCloskey.

He said he did not have time to do an interview.

Elkhart County has also chosen the Republican nominee for sheriff – Jeff Siegal.

Current Sheriff Brad Rodgers can't run again due to term limits.

Siegal currently serves as detective bureau commander.

Kosciusko County

With 100 percent of precincts now reporting, Kyle Dukes has won the Republican nomination for sheriff.

Kosciusko County GOP chairman called it a landslide win.

Right now, there is no one running on the Democratic side of the ticket.

The party has until July 3rd to get a name for the November ballot.

Some of the other races we are watching today

Voters in Goshen have approved money for local schools.

There were two referendums on the ballot that were approved.

One is for $55 million to build a new school for 5th and 6th grades,

The second question is covering annual operating costs for the district.

The superintendent says the projects would involve a small tax increase.

And if you live in Michigan, Berrien Springs, Coloma, Lakeshore, Watervliet and Dowagiac are all appearing on the ballot for school tax issues.

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