Sunday's Winter Walk in South Bend benefits the women of St. Margaret's House

    WSBT 22 photo

    The weather conditions Sunday afternoon definitely put the "winter" in the annual "Winter Walk" in South Bend to benefit St. Margaret’s House.

    It will help provide services like food and toiletries to the women and children.

    The community joined together for a one mile walk in solidarity with the women and children of St. Margaret’s House, whose everyday means of transportation is their feet, regardless of the weather.

    Volunteers, organizers and supporters met with them at the house after the walk.

    "I'm so proud of this community that every year, year after year they come out and support us," said Kathy Schneider. "It's a solidarity walk for the with the women and children of St. Margaret's House. 80% of the women that come through our doors do so by using their feet, no matter what the weather."

    The Winter Walk has raised over $1 million.

    This is the 20th year for the event.

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