TRAFFIC ALERT: McKinley Ave. RR crossing near Filbert to close today

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A traffic alert drivers in Mishawaka.

Starting today the railroad crossing on McKinley Avenue between Filbert and Merrifield will be closed.

Crews will be doing repair work.

Police are asking you to start thinking about a different route now because traffic will be an issue.

Officers say traffic will be detoured using Main, Church, Lincolnway East and State Road 331.

Crews expect to have the crossing reopened by the end of the month.

Businesses along McKinley say this closure will not be good for their bottom line.

"It needs it bad. It's horrible,” says Mike Senesac, who works at Big C Lumber.

Business owners may appreciate the repair, but it came as a bit of a surprise.

Laura Reynolds, owner of Action Cycle, is not happy about the timing.

"Either later or do it sooner, don't do it when the weather is breaking. Especially for businesses like us.”

She says when the weather warms up, people look for ways to enjoy It.

“In the spring we sell a lot of scooters, quads, little dirt bikes. We do a lot of street bikes, big street bikes, Harleys and a lot of service work.”

Senesac has a similar problem. The spring building season is just getting started.

“For the customer you're mainly going to have to wait. Hopefully not, but wait longer on deliveries. Us getting product in is going to take a little bit longer for us to get unloaded, reloaded and all of that stuff.”

Senesac is just hoping his drivers will be able to handle the detour and his customers won't get lost.

"Once they put the signs down by capital and they're going to be able to be rerouted down Filbert back up here, I think it will be all right.”

The closure isn't too long. 11 days total. But these businesses are still nervous.

“It’s just going to make it a horrible mess. It's going to take people a lot longer to get around it. I'm probably going to lose business because of it, I'm sure of it,” said Reynolds.

There will be barricades at Merrifield Avenue starting today. If you're tempted to go around to get to your favorite business, don't.

Police would like to remind you that you can get a ticket for that.

It's all about keeping the construction workers safe.

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