TRAFFIC: Snow causing poor driving conditions throughout area

Toll Road crash at Notre Dame Exit// WSBT 22

Traffic and road condition updates throughout the area:


The Indiana Toll Road was a bit of a mess Tuesday with all of the snow.

A multi-vehicle pileup caused the Toll Road to actually shut down for several hours.

A semi truck jackknifed near mile marker 86 going westbound. That caused a chain reaction of seven other crashes. Eight semis were involved and five cars.

Fortunately, there were only minor injuries.

But for a stretch of about 10 miles, the westbound lanes were closed for more than three hours as crews cleaned up.

"Unfortunately it tipped the way we don't like to go. Just a variety of factors. The road was slick. Visibility was poor. The wind was blowing, so one small mistake can lead to something like this," said Sergeant Ted Bohner, Indiana State Police.

Police say there were multiple reasons for the crashes. They blame low visibility and nearly whiteout conditions at the time.

One Toll Road official says at any given time, they have 40 plows on the road-- but when there's a crash, those resources are diverted to help clean it up.


Heavy snow and strong winds caused several cars and a semi to crash.

It happened in the westbound lanes of I94.

The highway was closed for several hours while crews cleared the scene.


LaPorte County Police say emergency crews responded to a two-vehicle crash on U.S. 20 at Range Road where one man died.

Police have identified the man as 21-year-old Jake Eason of LaPorte.

This happened around 11:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Police determined that Eason's car crossed the center line due to weather and road conditions and crashed into another vehicle.

The driver of the other vehicle was not injured, according to police.


Berrien County saw whiteout conditions Tuesday.

Snow plows and salt trucks were busy trying to keep up with the nearly steady snowfall.

The snow peeked out from behind the clouds occasionally.

Drivers said it took them double the amount of time to get around than it normally would because some roads were completely covered in snow.

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