UPDATE: Police identify two killed in crash near Four Winds Dowagiac

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Two people are dead, five others critically injured after a crash in Cass County.

It happened on M-51 near Crystal Springs Street.

That's not far from Dowagiac's Four Winds Casino.

Police say one car crossed the middle of the road and collided head on with another.

A back seat passenger in each of those cars was killed.

Police say those passengers are David Conner from Niles and Tracy Seitenstich of Dowagiac.

WSBT 22 spoke to a witness who was first on the scene.

He says it was horrifying.

The Dohm family farm is peaceful Monday. But it's right beside M-51, a busy state highway.

That peace was disrupted Sunday night.

"The car coming this direction went across the line," said John Dohm, witness.

Dohm was mowing his lawn at the time.

He says it happened so fast.

"I can't remember. I just remember running out there and doing what I could do,” said Dohm.

Police say a PT cruiser carrying four people crossed the center line and hit a Chevy Impala carrying three.

Dohm and his 15-year-old daughter ran to the Impala. He says it was on fire.

“It was burning and we were trying to get the people out of it. It wasn't a blaze, but the engine was on fire and we didn't know how it would escalate from there, so we wanted to get everyone away and out if we could,” said Dohm.

Tragically, his efforts were too late for two passengers.

There isn't much sign of the crash Monday, just a few skid marks.

But it is something he says, he can't stop thinking about.

“It's been in my head all day, ya know. Just reseeing it and everything that went on,” said Dohm.

Police are still investigating the crash.

Dohm is urging everyone to be careful.

"I drive a truck and I see a lot of people on their phones, curling their hair, just not paying attention to the road and that's the big thing I think,” said Dohm.

Police said that not all of the passengers were wearing their seat-belts.

Again, the crash is still under investigation.

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