Two local schools report potential threats

Two local schools report potential threats. // WSBT 22 photo

In the wake of the Florida school shooting, two local schools are reporting potential threats made this week.

One of the threats is still under investigation. The other case was closed by police.

A Mishawaka Police spokesperson says on Tuesday a student reported a suspicious post made to social media. Police says it was determined that the posts were not a credible threat.

Mishawaka Police say there were two posts made to social media, the first was written by a local juvenile and it stated, "Keep your strap on all day and all night," but it was the second post made by a different student that caused the concern. They commented on the original post asking them to come to John Young Middle to "shoot it up."

"We take every possible threat seriously. It's not a joking matter and we will look into those and follow-up and if it is something that is deemed a credible threat, action will be taken at that time,” said Lt. Tim Williams, Mishawaka Police Department.

A sentiment echoed by the South Bend Police Department and the school corporation after a threatening message was left on a bathroom stall.

School officials will not go into specifics, but they say the message indicated an event would happen at the school on Friday morning.

"Parents and students will notice more of a police presence around Adams as a result of this threat and that's really the main change that they are going to see, there will be an increased police presence. Safety and security protocols are in place as they always are,” said Ken Garcia, South Bend Police Department spokesperson.

Mishawaka police say the posts were not made by Mishawaka Community School students but they believe the young people are local.

Steps were taken including tracking down those who posted the remarks and talking to them.

In a letter sent to John Adams High School Parents the principal had this to say, "We take all threats seriously. The building has been carefully searched by law enforcement and will be monitored closely. We will remain vigilant in our pursuit of student safety and encourage everyone to remain vigilant."

Again, the threat to John Young Middle School was found to be not credible.

The threat to John Adams is still under investigation.

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