Two people arrested in LaPorte on charges of incest

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Two people in LaPorte, Indiana face charges for incest and could face additional charges, after police say drugs were found in their home.

53-year-old Jolly Standifer and his 35-year-old daughter Nichole Murphy are in the LaPorte County Jail. Their daughter was removed from that home.

The adults were arrested Tuesday night after police in the City of LaPorte went to the home to serve a warrant.

"When they arrived they ended up having to force their way in a little bit, made contact with the subjects, took them into custody and while in the process they located some drugs,” said Captain Bill Degnegaard.

The County Drug Task Force says they found over half a pound of marijuana in Murphy and Standifer's home. They also found dirt and drying stations. Officers say the pair were running a grow operation.

Standifer and Murphy could face charges for dealing.

But right now, court documents only show charges for incest. Child Protective Services is dealing with the child.

“CPS is going to do all of the follow up. From this point on it's all going to be on CPS and what they do with her. Hopefully they get this resolved and get her with a family member to take care of her which I assume is going to happen” said Degnegaard.

Standifer and Murphy's neighbors say they avoided the couple because of the smell from the house.

They didn't think Standifer and Murphy were anything other than a normal married couple.

"This is actually a rare case. You don't see a lot of this. This is actually my first that I've seen. I mean I'm sure it happens, more than we know and we're just not notified about it but yeah this is a new one for me even,” said Degnegaard.

Degnegaard says it could take a few weeks to get the little girl into a safe home.

If Murphy and Standifer are convicted they could face up to eight years in prison.

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