University of Notre Dame considers replacing Legends with parking structure

University of Notre Dame considers replacing Legends with parking structure // WSBT 22

Leaders with the University of Notre Dame are trying to fix parking problems on campus.

Something might have to go in the process.

The university is considering a parking structure. Leaders with Notre Dame say they're considering putting that garage where Legends of Notre Dame now stands.

Nothing has been decided yet, the university is still gathering information, but some people feel tearing down Legends would be a mistake.

Legends of Notre Dame wasn't always the restaurant it is today. Once it was called Senior Bar, a hang-out for students.

The site holds a lot of memories for a lot of people.

"I frequent legends a fair amount. It's good for just nostalgia's sake seeing all the sports stuff,” said a university employee.

University leaders didn't want to comment on the possible parking garage just yet. They say a decision hasn't been made.

Students received an email from the executive vice president though, talking about the idea.

The email had a survey looking for information to "determine if there is enough demand to cover the associated costs of a parking garage on campus."

The email goes on to say "The parking garage will only be built if there are enough faculty, staff and students who are interesting in utilizing the parking garage."

Some around campus are a little indifferent about the whole idea.

"I don't really have an opinion, I guess, either way. I don't know. It bothers me a little bit. I've been there before. I’ve enjoyed it so I’d probably rather have it than not," said a university student.

"I like having Legends on campus but typically I don't usually drink there. It is a nice restaurant but you know it's Notre Dame's property. I don't know really what they'll want to do with it,” said a man around campus.

WSBT 22 reached out to the Notre Dame Alumni Association for its thoughts. Leaders there say the idea caused mixed emotions because Legends is well liked.

The emails sent out to students say the university will share the results of the parking survey by the end of the semester.

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