UPDATE: Elkhart bar back open after shooting that injured 4


An Elkhart nightclub that was the scene of a huge fight and shooting early Saturday morning was back open for business Saturday night.

Police say the fight reportedly involved 100 people, but a spokesman for the bar claims that's inflated and it was more like 40 people.

Regardless, the fight ended with four people being shot. Police say the injuries are not life threatening.

A spokesman for the bar said it was open mic night and it attracted patrons from South Bend, and he said "that never mixes well with Elkhart crews."

Police recovered more than 40 shell casings. A vehicle and building were damaged as well. So far no word on suspects or arrests.

There have been 98 police calls to the business and parking lot it shares with other businesses in that area just this year.

Police say more than half of those calls fall into the category of proactive checks police do to try and prevent a situation like the one that happened Saturday morning.

So far this year police have been called there on 20 fights.

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