Upton: Immigration reform still on track


Cautious optimism is building in Washington about immigration issues that appear close to being addressed.

On Friday Congressman Fred Upton spoke with Bob Montgomery on WSBT22 First in the Morning. Watch that interview in the video above.

"We're close," Upton said. "I was disappointed, obviously, in the language that was used in yesterday's meeting. But as I talk to Republicans and Democrats who've been in those meetings, and I've talked to the president personally about this too, he cares about it. We are actually very close. The current system is broken. We've gotta resolve this for the DACA kids, is what I call them. I met with a number of DACA students a little bit earlier this week as well. I'm convinced we'll beat that deadline. We're going to talk about border security combined with DACA, a few other things, but we're very close. I hope we can announce an agreement with bipartisan support sometime mid next week."

He did say he's not happy with reports about the words the President reportedly said in yesterday's White House meeting on immigration.

The congressman also said he believes this immigration deal will address border security and how to handle DACA children who were illegally brought to the country.

He also feels a continuing resolution budget measure to keep the government open past next Friday's deadline will also be reached my mid-week.

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