Incumbent Walorski wins 2nd District Congressional race


There's been a fierce battle between incumbent 2nd District Congresswoman Jackie Walorski and businessman Mel Hall.

The Republican has held on to her seat and will serve a fourth term.

Hall conceded the race, issuing the following statement Tuesday night:

“Even though we came up short tonight, I’m proud of the campaign we ran, and the people we met along the way,” said Hall. “Many folks across the district are eager for a representative who will protect their health care, grow good-paying jobs, and clean up the partisan mess in Congress. While that will not be me in the coming term, I am encouraged by the enthusiasm and appetite for change I saw across all ten counties of this district.”

WSBT 22's Katlin Connin has been at the Walorski watch party in South Bend. She says things are pretty upbeat there.

People have been excited all night — Walorski’s supporters were very confident she could win the race. And now that she has, Walorski says that victory belongs to her supporters.

All though the campaign, Walorski has promoted her support for President Trump’s policies.

Walorski has shown a lot of support for President Trump's agendas. She says the President should get credit for our area's economic growth and low unemployment rate.

She also supports a border wall and the right to own guns.

She says Trump’s policies have made Indiana stronger economically.

Walorski says when she gets back to work next week, she wants to work on making our economy even stronger.

"People know that we’re in the best financial position we’ve been in there’s a bright future ahead and the days of darkness in this country are gone and prosperity is here,” she said. “Well do better and we’ll continue to work with our district and we’ll continue to bring those mountains down, but this is incredible right now."

People who voted for Walorski Tuesday say she's doing the right thing.

"I think she represents what the people are wanting and been wanting for a long time," said Terry York, Elkhart County voter.

"I think she’s solid,” said Carmen Wolf, another voter. “I like her decision making. I think you can trust her decision making and her thought processes."

Walorski thanked a lot of people for helping her win this race.

It was obviously a disappointing night for Mel Hall and his supporters. He spent millions of dollars of his own money to launch the challenge against Walorski.

WSBT 22's Diane Daniels was at his watch party in South Bend. She says things took an odd turn there. The media was informed that Hall had conceded and then they were told he would not make a public statement.

Media were told to leave and then a black curtain was put up to allow Hall to privately enter the campaign watch event to speak to supporters privately.

Media could hear multiple rounds of applause come from that room.

It’s unclear when or if Mel Hall will make any kind of public statement, so for now we wait.

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