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"When people are online, they are more adept to do or say things that they would never do in the real world," said Mitch Kajzer, Director of St. Joseph County Cyber Crimes Unit.

Another thing to keep in mind with your cell phones and social media apps is safety.

The internet keeps us connected, informed and entertained -- but it can also put us in danger. A report from the first half of last year shows three out of four of the domestic violence cases in St. Joseph County had the potential to turn deadly.

A detective with the South Bend Police Department says social media and the Internet are often aggravating factors in these types of crimes.

A frontline advocate with the Family Justice Center of St. Joseph County says there are some things to keep in mind as you put yourself out there.

"I have clients that I will schedule an appointment with just to sit down with them and go through their phone and see what apps are you sharing your location with," said Megan Elbin. "When you are posting on Instagram, is it posting where you are? On your Snapchat, is it automatically sharing your location with everyone you're friends with?"

But it's not just the victims that have to be mindful of the images that make it to their screens.

Those that abuse the internet and use it to hurt others also have a lot to lose.

We'll explain in Digital Dilemma tomorrow night (Monday) on WSBT 22 News at 6 p.m.

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