UPDATE: Man who died after falling through ice at South Bend's Pinhook Park identified

Photo courtesy of South Bend Tribune.

A man died after falling through the ice of the lagoon in Pinhook Park in South Bend.

This happened Friday around 3 p.m. 43-year-old Leonard Baldwin, of Dowagiac, was apparently trying to fish on the ice. Bystanders told first responders they saw the man fall in and then call for help before slipping under.

Firefighters say the ice is only two inches thick and soft. First responders say they like at least four inches for fishing.

In all, six divers went in the water after him. He was underwater for about an hour before crews pulled him out.

The following release was issued Friday night by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources:

Conservation Officers want to remind everyone that ice can be dangerous. Here are a few tips to remember when considering standing on or walking on a frozen body of water:

- No ice is safe ice.

- At least 4 inches of ice is recommended for safe ice fishing; 5 inches for snowmobiling.

- If you don’t know….don’t go.

- Wear lifejackets or flotation coats.

- Carry ice hooks and rope gear.

Some bodies of water will appear to be frozen solid but actually can have thin ice in several unsuspecting areas. Flowing water, such as rivers and streams, should be avoided when covered by a layer of ice. Water that is surrounded by sand many times freezes with inconsistencies.

Wind, waterfowl and beavers can also keep areas of ice thin.

Indiana Conservation Officers say the best rule of thumb is for everyone to believe they are “walking on thin ice.”

Indiana Conservation Officers were assisted by South Bend Fire, Clay Fire, Mishawaka Fire, Saint Joseph County Police, South Bend Police and Roseland Police Departments.

Stay with us here online and watch WSBT 22 News for updates.

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