Great Lakes Water Safety Conference discusses ways to prevent drowning


“Would you only put on your bike helmet when you're falling off? Would you only put your seat belt on as the cars crashing? No. Why do we have that attitude with life jackets? Because in the back of everyone's mind they believe that they're not going to be a victim. Because an accident isn't as apparent when you're on a boat having fun fishing,” said WSBT 22’s Ed Russo.

Russo emceed the annual 2018 Great Lakes Water Safety Conference for the second time.

The event took place in Evanston, IL just north of Chicago.

The purpose of the conference is to discuss ways to prevent drowning incidents on the Great Lakes.

Since 2010, 631 people have drowned on the Great Lakes with half of those on Lake Michigan.

Half of those that have drowned on Lake Michigan have drowned in the southern half of the lake.

The conference was composed of families of drowning victims, community leaders, police and fire, lifeguards, meteorologists and members of the media.

The event takes place this time of year as we prepare for the upcoming summer swim season.

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