Whiteout conditions impact Berrien County travelers

Whiteout conditions impact Berrien County travelers // WSBT 22

The lake effect made driving in Berrien County treacherous all throughout the day.

There were whiteout conditions in Sawyer and Galien.

Berrien County residents spent Sunday morning clearing snow that fell overnight and preparing to do it again throughout the remainder of New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Along I-94, roads were slick and markers were tough to see.

"It's terrible out. We were coming from Grand Rapids and total whiteout. We've seen semis in the ditch, cars in the ditch. So it's a good day to just stay home," said Doug Lafave.

Berrien County sheriff's officials were swamped by reports of crashes and slide-offs coming in all day.

"It's just really slow going, going around 40 miles per hour. We're just trying to be cautious and watch the other drivers as well. A lot of people driving with their hazards on," said Jackie Schrader.

As some look to return home from visiting family over the holidays, they realized too late that they should have paid more attention to the weather.

"We really didn't think about the weather, we just kind of pushed through. We didn't even look at the weather for our drive, wish we would have because we didn't know what we were driving through. But it's just taken us a lot longer to do things. Luckily we're not on a strict schedule so we can make time to drive slow and get to where we need to go to safely," said Jordan Beal.

As for drivers who originally planned to celebrate at midnight, traveling in those conditions changed their mind

"As soon as we get home, we are staying," said Beal.

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