Will my gifts still ship by Christmas?


The mad dash to get gifts in time for Christmas is upon us.

Shipping services are in the thick of their busiest week of the year. With just three days left until Christmas, shipping deadlines are closing.

There are a couple of options still open for people who still need to send gifts. Friday is the last day you can send a package through the postal service to get it there before Christmas.

It's also your last chance to get two-day shipping on Amazon.

If it's an urgent package you can ship any time, even Christmas Day, via FedEx or UPS. But that will cost you much more than usual.

Right now, millions and millions of packages are in transit. Thousands of extra workers are on the roads and in the air working to get your packages to you safely.

"It helps if everyone could put the right address on. If we get any snow, ice, if we could keep the sidewalks clean, the steps clean, in front of the mailbox clean, that would really help the letter carrier,” said South Bend Postmaster, Katrina Poxson.

Your package has finally arrived at your doorstep-- but you haven't been able to bring it inside, police say package thieves are out even more than last year.

How can you prevent them from being swiped? Track your packages, get signature confirmation for delivery, have your neighbor keep them safe for you until you get home or ship them to your work.

If the unfortunate event happens and your boxes are taken, file a claim with the shipping company and report it to police. That way they can try to find out who's responsible, get your package back and alert others in your neighborhood to be vigilant.

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