UPDATE: I&M estimates all power will be restored in St. Joseph County by midnight Wed.

Courtesy: Emily Wingard in Sturgis, Michigan

I & M says crews have restored power to 99 percent of customers who lost power during Tuesday's ice storm.

They estimate everyone will have power restored in St. Joseph County by midnight Wednesday.

Officials recommend you stay away from downed trees and power lines that may still cause danger. If you see a downed line, assume it is charged and call I&M.

The American Red Cross is providing relief to people affected by power outages.

It partnered with the city of South Bend to open an emergency shelter for those whose homes have become unsafe.

It's open right now at the Charles Black Recreation Center. For more information on the shelter, call 211.

CLICK HERE to view a current Power Outage Map.

Outage impact

A lot of those people without power live in South Bend’s north shore triangle neighborhood.

Tony and Buffy Pennino don’t have any power.

“I heard a boom at like 6 this morning and I saw flash and then, yeah, it was out.”

That means no TV and lots of pets for Sam. But living in town means the Pennino’s aren’t completely without comfort. They have running water and gas appliances.

“So I heated up last night’s coffee on the stove and I got to take a shower today, steam up the bathroom and have it warm up there,” said Buffy.

With no power for more than 6 hours, the Pennino’s main concern is the food in the fridge.

“I was like, psh, put it in a laundry basket, I’m putting it on the table in the backyard.”

I&M crews have been out in force since the early morning hours.

In fact a crew came all the way from Muncie.

“We are asking for patience from our customers,” said Schnee Garrett, I&M spokesperson. “We are working as quickly and as safely as we possibly can in these icy conditions to restore power.”

She says there's a chance not everyone will have power by the end of today. There’s just too much damage.

“When it ices, the limbs get heavy, tree limbs get heavy and they could impact service to our customers if they hit the lines.”

For the Pennino’s it’s no big deal.

If things get too cold, they have places to go.

“We’ll go down to my mother-in-law’s,” said Tony. “She lives down the street.”

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