Winter weather delays Mishawaka trash pickup

Winter weather delays Mishawaka trash pickup. // WSBT 22

Right now, some area trash trucks are playing catch up.

The frigid temperatures are affecting equipment.

Mishawaka city officials said crews are working hard to address mechanical issues.

Mayor Dave Wood says as of Wednesday, crews are set to be back on regular holiday schedule.

He says, the issue is with hydraulic systems on the trash trucks.

It's what people on Fourth Street in Mishawaka have been waiting to hear.

The Republic Service truck is working to unload people's packed trash bins a day later than expected.

"We just had one of the coldest days in history, yesterday and so that wreaks havoc on crews and equipment," said Wood.

Leaving more than a dozen trucks down Tuesday unable to lift the heavy loads.

"They had from what we heard 16 trucks down, because of the hydraulics not functioning well with the extreme cold temperatures," said Wood.

At the sight of something big and blue rolling down their street, some people rush out for their chance at collection.

"You know, you got to remember how bad the roads are. Our car sometimes don't start so, I'm sure they're having problems with their trucks," said Mark Kobold who lives in Mishawaka.

The mayor says more trucks are now online, so they're working on a holiday schedule which is one day behind normal pick up.

In a statement, a Republic spokesperson said, "We have a plan in place with additional resources to service all routes, while we work diligently to get caught up by this weekend. "

For now, Wood said a little patience will help get services back rolling in the right direction.

"The workers are out there working in some pretty extreme and dangerous conditions. Our citizens recognize that and I think they're a little patient," Wood said.

Wood said Republic plans on picking up all trash this week which means people will be allowed to put out double the trash than normal.

Republic expects to be on normal schedule by the end of Saturday.

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