Work is underway to put Learning Garden outside Monger Elementary

Work is underway to put a new one-of-a-kind outdoor classroom in a courtyard outside Monger Elementary. // WSBT 22

Some kids believe vegetables come from cans at the grocery store.

But we know that's not the case.

A new garden in Elkhart, the Learning Garden, will help teach them where vegetables really come from.

Work is underway to put a new one-of-a-kind outdoor classroom in a courtyard outside Monger Elementary.

It's the setting for a Learning Garden for students grades K through six. It'll have outdoor seating, a dry erase board and individual raised garden beds.

The non-profit Elkhart Education Foundation is working on the project.

“When this is done, we will have students out from Monger out here learning. There will be a water table, there's a garden area, there will be flowers and herbs this will be a really fantastic space. This is really exciting,” said Stephanie Coleman, Elkhart Education Foundation.

The Learning Garden will provide a wide range of hands-on activities for students there. Among other things they will be learning how to plant food, how to harvest it and learning all about produce and where it comes from.

The student council there came up with the idea of setting up an outdoor learning garden with the help of teacher Jessica Moreno.

“It was really important for them to get out of the classroom and be engaged in nature and grow things. And they are really excited about trying vegetables and eating them, things that they actually grew,” said Moreno.

Her hope is that every classroom will use the Learning Garden.

“Each grade level will have a raised bed that they will pick a theme and plant herbs or vegetables in their little area,” said Moreno.

On Tuesday, volunteers from with the CPA firm, Crowe lent a hand to help build it.

“I think as we look at this, we're hoping to help kids that come to school here to enjoy the outside and learn about things an outdoor oriented plan,” said Andy Wyse, Crowe.

The Education Foundation wants to build learning gardens at all Elkhart elementary schools.

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