Workplace break rooms become diverse with innovative upgrades


Workplace break rooms are usually pretty dull places, but that's beginning to change.

Several local companies are finding innovative ways to put a whole new face on lunch rooms.

At Wieland designs in Goshen you'd think you were at an upscale eatery with vibrant colors, modern designs and trendy furniture.

Formerly a space for the maintenance department, the new break room is named the Lunchbox.

“So now we have 4,500 square foot space that is not only clean, but its visually appealing, it’s using the furniture that we actually make here. What’s exciting is that we have a fresh food canteen,” said Grace Bonewitz.

There are charging stations for phones, there are also computers on site and an area where employees can get to know each other.

Another good example is at the marketing department for Lippert Components in Elkhart.

Their space is a combination break room, lunch room, meeting room, and flex space. Back in the day, the building was a working production facility.

“I really wanted to make sure that it was approachable, and comfortable, and really a space that you can get together with your colleagues. At any given moment you can have people in here eating their lunch, taking a call,” said Lippert Creative Director, Lauren Hodges.

Like Wieland Design, they say having an innovative space is a creative way for employees to relax and kick back, and also for co-workers to know their fellow workers more than just employees.

“It’s much more than just seeing someone in a hallway and passing on Monday morning and asking them how their weekend was,” said Bonewitz.

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