World War II veteran has wish granted at Notre Dame game

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A lifelong wish for a local World War II veteran came true Saturday, and it happened at the Notre Dame game.

Joseph Culver grew up in South Bend and has been a fan of Notre Dame football his whole life.

His dream was to play football for Notre Dame, but instead went to war to fight for his country.

He's never been to a game before, but that changed Saturday.

"I am excited about being here. This is the craziest place I’ve ever seen in my life. It has acres and acres and acres of people," said Culver.

It had been his goal to play football there, but that changed when he went to war and served in the Navy for eight years.

"Today Notre Dame gave us two free tickets so I could bring him to the game, and pregame passes so we could go onto the field before the game and we are going to tour the press box and watch the player walk," said Lacie Strayer, CNA.

Before the tour started, Culver received a replica of the coin used in the coin toss. Then he put on his press pass and started making his way through the stadium.

"They gave me a shirt, they gave me these, they gave me the beads," said Culver.

"To be able to see his excitement, it just makes it all worth the work and the time we put into it," said Strayer.

Culver got a full view of the stadium from the press box.

But the most memorable part of the day for Culver -- being on the field with the players.

"As it just came together, I felt so accomplished that I could do something for a resident. And not only just a resident, but a war veteran," said Strayer.

This dream became a reality through Trilogy Health Services.

It's all part of the senior living facility's 'Live a Dream' program.

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