Resources available for flood victims

Flooding in Bremen. Photo provided by a viewer.

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Where to report storm damage:

• St. Joseph County – 574-235-9378

• Marshall County – 574-936-3740

• Elkhart County – 574-891-2238

• City of Elkhart – 574-293-8931

• City of Goshen – 574-533-8621

Check for the latest road closures on INDOT's website.

St. Joseph County, Indiana Road Closures

Ash Road from Kern Road north to cul-de-sac

Beech Road from Osborne Road to New Road

Chippewa Avenue from Linden Road/Gertrude Street to Keria Trail

Crumstown Highway from SR 23 to Johnson Road

Darden Pedestrian Bridge over the river and adjacent Public Access lot

Dogwood Road from Roosevelt Road to Kern Road

Dogwood from Shively Road to Tyler Road

Douglas Road from Buckeye Road to Beech Road

Early Road from Wintergreen Road to Walnut Road

Elm Road from New Road to Madison Road

Elm Road from Osborne Road to Pierce Road

Fir Road from Kern Road to Kelly Road

Gordon Road from the dead-end to Strawberry

Gumwood Road from Quinn Road to Shively Road

Inwood Road from Spirea Road to Sycamore Road

Kenilworth Road from Tyler Road to Shively Road

Layton Road from SR 331 to Elm Road

Madison Road from Miami Highway to Ironwood Road

Osborne Road from Dogwood Road to Cedar Road

Pierce Road from West County Line to SR 4

Quinn Road from Place Trail to Walnut Road

Quinn Road from Tamarack Road to Redwood Road

Redwood Road from Shively Road to Riley Road

Riley Road from West County Line to Walnut Road

Riley Road from Mulberry Road to SR 931

Riley Road from SR 331 to Miami Highway

Roosevelt Road from Ironwood Road to SR 331

Rush Road from SR 2 to Harrison Road

Shively Road from Sycamore Road to Redwood Road

Shively Road from Dogwood Road to Cedar Road

Smith Trail/Willow Road/Shively Road from Barley Road to Walnut Road

Tyler Road from Kenilworth Road to Juniper Road

Tyler Road east of Oak

Wooddale at Laurel Road

South Bend

South Bend has lifted its Travel Advisory.

The following release was issued Friday afternoon by the city:

The City of South Bend has lifted the travel advisory effective 6:00 p.m. today. Some flooded areas remain closed, and residents should continue to drive with caution and avoid areas with high water.

The St. Joseph River has receded to 11.0’ as of 5:0 0 p.m. on Friday; however, the water level is still above the previous record and will remain well above flood stage for days.

The following roads remain closed:

- Angela Blvd. from North Shore Blvd. to Michigan St.

- Buckhorn St. from Carroll St. to Pulling St.

- Northside Blvd. from Sample St. to 20th St.

- Riverside Dr. from Lafayette Blvd. to Michigan St.

- Riverside Dr. from Marion St. to Bartlett St.

If residents notice any flooding or damage done to public infrastructure such as streets or trails, it should be reported to 311. If residents have home or business damage from the flood, report it to the St. Joseph County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) at 574-235-9378. Even if residents are taking care of the damage themselves, they are urged to report. When seeking federal dollars for disaster aid, EMA needs accurate totals.

Belongings damaged by the flood can be requested for pickup through 311 at no extra charge. Solid Waste is aware of missed regular pickups and will make them up next week, starting Monday.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg says the city was forced to shut down the wastewater treatment plant due to flooding. It has since re-started but has limited capacity. We are old your tap water is safe to drink, but some of what people flush down the toilet is going straight into the river.

Over 400 people were evacuated from IU South Bend student housing. Read more about that here. Evacuated students moved back in Thursday.

This interactive map shows which roads in South Bend are currently closed due to flooding.

Berrien County

The Berrien County Sheriff's Office issued the following release Friday afternoon:

The Berrien County Board of Commissioners has declared a Local State of Emergency due to the recent flooding issues in numerous communities in the County of Berrien.

This Declaration of a Local State of Emergency is a formality that allows the local municipalizes to utilize County of Berrien resources in their recovery and damage assessments as a result of the natural disaster.

The Local State of Emergency will be forwarded to the State of Michigan in an attempt to make State Resources available to the County of Berrien and the local communities that are being affected by the flooding and the damage caused by this natural disaster.

As the recovery efforts and assessments of the damage caused by this natural disaster continue, the strain on the resources and manpower of the County of Berrien and the local communities are being exhausted and the support of the State of Michigan resources will be a welcome relief for all municipalities.

The County of Berrien is extremely proud of the efforts being put forth by all the local municipalities, their employees, and the various civic organizations over the past couple of days

The County of Berrien also reports that the record setting levels of the Saint Joseph River have crested and are now stable.

The County of Berrien is actively monitoring the river levels, the water levels over various stretches of roadways, and the infrastructures in the County of Berrien and local communities.

At this time, no infrastructures or residents appear to be in immediate danger.

The local State of Emergency is used to let state officials know that the county is undergoing an incident “that is taxing the county’s resources”

This declaration is the first step in tracking activities and damage in case the need would arise to ask for state or federal assistance.


The hydro-electric dams on the St. Joseph River are working like they're supposed to.

The one in Berrien Springs is on a "high flow emergency" -- that's the lowest emergency level.

The Buchanan dam was removed from the emergency status overnight.

About 1,000 I&M customers had their power shut off because of the dangers of flood water on their properties.


The St. Joseph River in Niles is finally starting to recede. It crested at an historic level of 17.3 feet.

The wastewater treatment plant was dealing with flooding.

Many buildings are still in standing water. The city of Niles has identified 50 different buildings to be flooded. That includes businesses, apartment complexes and city buildings.

Niles Mayor Nick Shelton says the city sent out its first text alert Tuesday afternoon and that city leaders did everything they could under unprecedented circumstances.

"The city has worked hard to ensure that information has been provided as often and as accurately as possible,” said Shelton.

The full extent of the flood damage is still unclear, until the water makes its way back.

The city created a website with resources for people as they begin cleanup.

It could be the middle of next week before water drops below major flood level.

Mayor Nick Shelton says the city did not use many sandbags because they could have made things worse.

Niles did not declare a state of emergency. The city administrator said they may need to for the cleanup.

The city closed its Red Cross Shelter because nobody had used it.

The following release was issued Thursday by Niles City Hall:

City crews are conducting welfare checks on residents impacted by the floodwaters. The American Red Cross is available to assist on an individual basis with emergency housing. The Red Cross can be contacted at either 269-985-3574 or 800-936-3705. These phone numbers are answered 24 hours a day.

The City has placed barricades on roadways to warn motorists of high water conditions. We ask that motorists observe these barricades. Even if you believe your vehicle is capable of passing safely through flooded areas, the wake created by the vehicle’s movement further impacts properties and may result in the need to rescue the motorists -- further straining available resources.

The City encourages you to not walk in flooded areas. It is impossible to determine what is below the water’s surface or determine the depth and speed of the current. Floodwaters are also typically very contaminated and contact with this water may be unhealthy. It is anticipated that it will be Monday or Tuesday before the river has receded enough to allow roadway openings. At that time the extent of the damage can be more properly assessed.

The following release was issued by the City of Niles:

Here’s some of the reasons why people should not be wading through flood waters:

• Flood Waters May Be Contaminated!

• You can’t see what’s under the water – you would be surprised what washes up from the river.

• In high pressure water situations sewer or water drain grates, etc. can be pushed out of place and you don’t want to step or fall into one while walking thru water.

• Flood waters can have a much stronger current than what you think you are seeing. Small children and animals are especially prone to being pulled into the current.

• All Public Safety, Public Works and Utility Crews are working around the clock to help those affected. We will come to rescue you when you call, but wouldn’t it be better to stay safe and not need us?

Get the Facts About Flood Waters and Your Health, Read the Dangers, Get Information on How to Deal with Flooding in your Home. Visit our Flood Page:

Elkhart County

Some cities remain under States of Emergency. They include Goshen and Elkhart.

City leaders there say they haven't seen the water going down in their area as quickly.

The mayor expects the flooding will continue to be an issue for the next four or five days.

Rescuers say they are still pulling people out of their homes.

The Elkhart County Sheriff's Department issued the following release Thursday afternoon:

There are no changes to the Disaster Emergency Declaration that was put into place yesterday. Elkhart County (with the exception of Elkhart and Goshen City) remains under a "watch" travel advisory which means that only essential travel, such as to and from work or in emergency situations, is recommended, and businesses, schools, government agencies, and other organizations should implement emergency actions.

Reports received from Elkhart County Sheriff's Department patrol officers are that many of the roads are beginning to recede; however, many of the roadways reported as closed remain closed due to flooding. Motorists traveling should continue to use caution, remain vigilant, and avoid driving through high water areas.

City of Elkhart

Below is the City of Elkhart’s Updated Street Closure List as of 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, February 22

• Arch Street

• Folsom Street

• East Indiana Avenue, between Goshen and Grand Avenue

• McDonald Street from Princeton to Grand

• Richmond between Middlebury and McDonald

• Princeton from Middlebury to Aspenwald

• Area of Jefferson and Fifth Street

• Sherman Street from Riverside to Third

• Middlebury from Richmond to Grand

• Third Street from Pottawattomi Drive to Washington Street

• Pottawattomi Drive West of Main Street

• 100 block of North Fifth

• 100 block of North Sixth

• Tipton South of Middlebury

• Nadel Avenue

• Hudson Street

• Hester Street

• South Shore Drive

• Michigan Street from Stamp to Milwaukee Avenue

• Lexington Avenue at Michigan Street

• Socorro Street

• Rockford Street

• Stamp Drive

The City of Elkhart issued the following release:

The below list is intended to assist any resident affected by the flood on their course to recovery.
Indiana Michigan Power (AEP) /1-800-311-4634 /
NIPSCO/ 1-800-634-3524 /
Salvation Army in Elkhart (short-term shelter location)/ 300 North Main St/ 574-970-0088/
Grace Community Church (long-term shelter location)/ 20076 County Road 36 in Goshen/ 574-533-7546
American Red Cross/ 574-234-0191 /
Emergencies /911

Marshall County

Marshall County Sheriff's Office issued the following release:

The flood warning has been extended for the Yellow River at Plymouth until Tuesday evening. At 10 pm Thursday the stage was 17.6 feet and rising. Record flooding is occurring and record flooding is forecast. Forecast the river will rise to a crest near 17.7 feet around 1 am Friday Feb 23 and fall below flood stage around 11 pm Monday Feb 26.

Here is the latest on Marshall County.

Fulton County

Fulton County released the following information:

The Fulton County Commissioners have signed a Disaster Declaration at 6:00 Thursday due to the ongoing flooding issues within the county.

See an interactive map from INDOT that shows roads closed due to flooding.

For more on area road closures, click here.

To see an updating list of school closings, click here.

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