2-month-old baby dead after father 'exploded,' abused child

2-month-old baby dead after father "exploded." (Photo: Davis County Jail)

SALT LAKE CITY (KUTV) A 2-month-old baby is dead after his father got tired of him crying and "exploded."

On Dec. 1, Clint Nokes reported his baby son was not breathing. Despite CPR, officers could not revive the unresponsive baby, who was approximately 2 months old. The baby was rushed to Davis Hospital.

An officer interviewed Nokes, who said he was feeding the baby when he tried to burp the baby, who would not burp. Nokes says he pulled the baby away from him, and the baby went limp.

Nokes says the baby was not breathing, and saw the baby take a big gasp of air. He said he then called his girlfriend, Krista Larsen, and told her something was wrong.

According to Nokes, Larsen called their doctor, and after that Nokes called 911.

Officers contacted the hospital, who stated the baby had bruising on his head and ribs. A CT scan was done on the baby, which showed a skull fracture, bleeding on the brain, and detached retinas.

The doctor was unsure if the baby would survive, so the baby was transported to Primary Children's hospital.

The baby later died on Dec. 2 at 1:25 a.m.

An autopsy revealed the baby had a 10 centimeter skull fracture, both optic nerves in his eyes were hemorrhaged, and his spinal fluid was bloody. The baby also had a broken rib, humerus, and tibia.

After another interview at the Clearfield Police Department, Nokes admitted he was tired of the baby crying when he finally "exploded." Nokes stated he would "chuck" him on the couch or "chuck" him in his swing.

Nokes said he grabbed the baby by both his arms and pulled him out of the swing. Nokes stated that he also pulled his leg and carried him by the leg from the living room and into the kitchen. He said he grabbed the baby, held him in front of him, and jumped up and down, which caused the baby's head to go back and forth.

According to Nokes, he dropped the child on his head in the kitchen sink earlier in the week.

Nokes was placed into custody and transported to Davis County Jail.

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