5-year-old boy who asked for birthday cards recovering after heart transplant

A 5-year-old boy who had a heart attack on his fifth birthday is now recovering after a heart transplant. (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A big thank you going out to all of you who watch Local 12: Your support has made a difference for 5-year old boy who needed a heart transplant.

Gavin Wilson had a heart attack on his fifth birthday, so he asked for cards on the day he turned five-and-a-half. It's been just about a month since Gavin not only got a heart donor, but also shared his birthday wish with us.

Gavin's goal was to get 5,000 cards, and his mother, Tia Wilson, said so far he's gotten just over 1,800 and they are still steadily coming in.

Gavin's transplant specialist, Dr. Chet Villa at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, said he does believe the cards played a role in his healing.

"The number of cards that Gavin has received, and the way that he lights up when he gets them is unbelievable," said Dr. Villa.

Both Tia and Dr. Villa have a great appreciation for the amazing family who saved Gavin's life:

"The strength that those families give and show I think cannot be underestimated, and we cannot do and we cannot provide for patients like Gavin without their sacrifice and their willingness to donate," said Dr. Villa.

The hope is that soon Gavin will have his fighting spirit back as before, but Dr. Villa says he's getting better every day.

But if you could, Jason Huff, a transplant administrator at Children's Hospital, says, wear blue and green during April for Donate Life Month as often as possible, it could help others as well.

"It's just showing your commitment and awareness that organ and tissue donation actually saves lives and improves the lives of our children," Huff said.

You can also keep the cards coming for Gavin.

"Yes, please! It makes my boy happy. It's like if I slow down for one day, he's like, 'Mom, where are the cards? I need the cards,'" Tia said. "It makes him so happy."

You can send a card to:

Gavin Wilson

350 Erkenbrecher Avenue

Apartment 63

Cincinnati, Ohio 45229

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