Aryan Nations member who shot Tennessee police officer captured

Ronnie Wilson, an Aryan Nations member wanted for shooting a Tennessee Police Officer is captured in Blount County after he was found hiding in an abandoned house. PHOTO: Blount County Sheriff

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) reports an Aryan Nations member wanted for shooting a Knoxville Police Officer has been captured.

Ronnie Wilson was captured in Blount County Saturday morning. The Blount County Sheriff's Office reports Wilson was found in an abandoned residence with a woman identified as Kristin Denise King.

Police say Wilson jumped out of window, suffering some injuries. Crews also had to extinguish a fire in the home.

Wilson was added to the TBI's 'Top Ten Most Wanted' list Friday after shooting Knoxville Police Officer Jay Williams Thursday night during a traffic stop.

Wilson is a confirmed member of the Aryan Nations and has a history of violence. He is facing charges of attempted first-degree murder.

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