Born with only 1 hand, Va. girl learns to play the violin with her new, 3D-printed hand

Isabella Cabrera learns to play the violin with her new, 3D-printed hand. (ABC7)

Ten-year-old Isabella Cabrera has waited for the moment to play violin with a new prosthetic for a long time.

And the moment is living up to the expectations.

Isabella, a 5th grader at Island Creek Elementary in Fairfax County, was born without a left hand and only a partial bone from her left elbow to her wrist.

But thanks to five George Mason University bioengineering students Isabella now has a prosthetic attachment that will help make playing the violin much easier.

The process of making the attachment started last Fall, and finished in a 3-D printer.

Yassar Al-Hindi is one of the students that made the device as part of their senior capstone project.

After hundreds of hours of design and testing the final product came out of the printer perfectly, for the students and for Isabella.

“I cannot describe what we feel in terms of improving someone’s life. Making an immediate impact on someone’s life. It’s just a very good feeling.”

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